There are many factors to consider when selecting a neighborhood that is right for you.  Below are just a few of the many factors. You may think of others that are important to you. Please write them down on your Home Search Criteria form so they do not get forgotten.
Neighborhoods have characteristic personalities designed to best suit single people, growing families, two-career couples, or retirees. Investigate to determine if the neighborhood matches your lifestyle and personality.

Scout out the Neighborhood!

    1. It is important that you scout the neighborhood in person. You live in more than your house.
    2. Talk to people who live there.
    3. Drive or walk through the entire area at different times of the day, during the week and on weekends.
    4. Travel to and from places that you would typically frequent to be sure you are comfortable.
    5. Look for access to major thoroughfares, highways and shopping.
    6. Check with local civic, police, fire, and school officials to find information about the area.
    7. Look at traffic patterns around the area during different times of the day and drive from the area to work.
    8. Is the neighborhood near parks, places of worship, recreation centers, shopping, theaters, restaurants, public transportation, schools, etc.?


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