"We found Richard on Realtor.com after many frustrating weeks of trying to find places on our own. Once we began to work with Richard our home buying process was fast and smooth. We saw many places and Richard was patient and helpful in answering all of our questions and making sure to communicate any questions we had to the sellers. Without Richard we would not have the beautiful home we have today!"


"With a friendly disposition, many years of experience, and valuable insight into the real estate market, Richard Asch made home-buying significantly less stressful and transparent for me. Unlike many of his peers, Richard really wants to build a relationship with his clients and not simply to close the deal. Even after buying a condo, I feel comfortable contacting him with questions and concerns. Richard has my endorsement and I have referred him to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so."


"It took me awhile to prepare my property for sale, but Richard was supportive from initial planning discussions through the final sale. He invested time and energy enthusiastically during the entire process. Some agents are just about "the transaction". Richard is about building relationships, however, and achieving the best outcome for those he represents. His knowledge, experience, and network of relationships made an enormous difference. Choosing Richard to work with is the best decision you'll make. I can't recommend him highly enough!"


"I found that Richard is up for any challenge. I wanted a loft, but not any kind of loft. I wanted one that had certain square footage in my price range within walking distance to downtown. We kept looking and looking and looking. I think for 5 months. I thought any agent would have quit on me, but not Richard. His unassuming nature belies his fortitude. He was always searching, always coming up with alternatives. He has tremendous knowledge of the inventory that is out there and how it could work for my needs."


"We bought our condo from Richard and when it came time for us to sell it we felt that he would be the best one to list it. We trusted that he would do more than anyone else to get it sold. He works hard, very hard. And he cares. He is quiet, but underneath that calm presence is an intensity to get the job done and to succeed. Our home was not perfect (what home is?); we had a spiral staircase that was not attractive to families with little children. But Richard persisted; he has an uncanny knack to create a silk purse from a sow's ear. And he is really easy to be with."


"First of all, I was a first time buyer and a free-lance worker, so I was really nervous that I would not be able to buy. Richard assured me that I had nothing to worry about; he made me feel really secure and hooked me up with a great lender. Then there were multiple offers for the house I bid on. Richard advised me as to what I could do to beat out the competition. I followed his advice and he successfully negotiated on my behalf so that my offer was accepted. While what I did was a bit risky, I’m glad I listened to Richard since my house has tripled in value since I bought it."


"Richard is tremendously resourceful. As a young first time buyer I wanted everything new in my condo. I wanted granite kitchen countertops, stainless steel appliances, in-unit washer/dryer. However, I had a very limited budget. He was relentless on my behalf, checking the new listings three times a day, making sure I was the first to know about a newly listed condo because what I wanted a lot of other buyers wanted too. He would ask for appointments the day the units went on the market. One day when he was doing that an agent told Richard that a condo in one of my favorite neighborhoods was going to be put back on the market the next day. I saw it that afternoon and made an offer that evening. The unit never got into the MLS. Needless to say it had everything I wanted."


"We saw a two story, 3 bedroom, newly constructed condominium that Richard had listed and fell in love with it. We wanted to buy it; only problem was we had to sell our one bedroom loft at a time when the market turned soft and there were many similar units for sale. Plus we had to make a profit in order to buy the other condo. Richard sold our loft in less than 4 weeks. We are very happy that we were able to move into our deluxe home."


"We met Richard at one of his open houses and were impressed with his knowledge of real estate. He asked us if we were willing to work with him as our buyer agent and we agreed. We gave him our criteria. We wanted to own something different; it could be contemporary or vintage, just as long as we could have enough space for a large dining room table. He easily found properties we wanted to purchase, but since we had been living in Switzerland, we had to transfer all of our assets first to the United States, before we could make an offer. This process took longer than usual, all during which Richard had tremendous patience. We love our condo; its on three levels, with three decks and a living room with a soaring cathedral ceiling. And we love our large dining room table. As our buyer agent he was quite candid with us about the condition of some of the properties we saw and helped us ascertain the real value of the properties in a overly inflated market."


"The amazing thing about working with Richard is how well he listens. A few years ago I decided I wanted to use my annual year-end bonus as down-payment on multi-family properties that needed to be fixed up. I have bought two such properties through Richard The most amazing thing is that each year he has only showed me one property, and that is the one I bought. He has been right on each time. Through Richard's help I have been able to build a portfolio of profitable investment properties."

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